Our Authors



ML Brei


ML Brei, graduate of Smith College was in the first class of Smithees to graduate with a degree in Computer Science. After working as a software engineer in labs in Silicon Valley and Colorado, she became a consultant on the East Coast. Her specialty was computer-aided-design with an emphasis on electronic design data exchange standards.

She left the world of computer science to travel the bigger world with her husband, an Air Force officer, during which time she also raised three children.

ML is the author of A Different Type of Soul, The Christian Symbols of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and other works.

Robert J. Hooper


Rob Hooper is a direct descendant of John Hooper (1816-1889) of New York City. He is currently living in North Carolina with his lovely wife, Ellen, and kitty, Abigail. Rob enjoys reading, writing, and researching. He currently serves on the board of the Caldwell County Senior Center. He and Ellen have one son, Matthew of  Massachusetts.

Rob is the author of two books: Born To Responsibility: Remembering New York’s Little Mothers, and Finding Grace: The Life and Writings of Grace Duncan Hooper.


Anneliese Brei


Anneliese Brei has been writing and publishing books since she was thirteen years old. She has published four novels: She Watches, Clocks Out of Time, The Song of Paquita, and The von Neumann Boutique. She is currently a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Robert S. Hooper


Robert S. Hooper was a physicist and a pioneer in the design and development of knowledge-base information systems. After passing in 1992, he left behind a box of papers where family members found poems written in the 1950s when Robert was a young adult. None of his survivors realized that he was a poet until this box was found.

Terry “Mack” McKinney

Founder of Smooth Projects, LLC


Mack Mckinney is the Chief Operating Officer of Smooth Projects, a management consulting firm specializing in business development and engineering training.

With over forty years of experience in the defense industry in R&D, operations engineering, SIGINT, Project Management, and business development, and as a former U.S. Air Force officer Air Battle Manager, today Mack is committed to training new generations of professionals through courses, newsletters, videos, books, and speaking engagements.

Mack is a private pilot, flying the Mach-2 Cessna 182, and lives in the Annapolis, Maryland area with his wife Cindy. They have two married children and two grandchildren. He is the author of Working with Porcupines: 24 Ways to Sharpen Your Leadership Skills.

Theresa V. Hooper


Theresa V. Hooper, graduate of the University of New Mexico, translated original 16th century Spanish documents and conducted associated research for prominent historians including Dr. Frank D. Reeve (Univ. of NM), Dr. George P. Hammond (UC Berkeley), and Ramon J. Sender. As part of her research at Bancroft Library, her translation of “California’s First Book: Reglamento Provicional (1834)” was chosen for publication in 1954.

Later in life, she researched and wrote A Monograph on the Brief History of New Mexico, and The Ancient Hurrian Connection.

Our authors bring inspiration.

They write about future dreams, imagined lives lived to the fullest, actual lives from long ago, and places and events that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Cats bring mystery.

In each of our books, there is an element of mystery. Who was Grace Duncan Hooper? Why is that pen so important? Will that young engineer build the wall before disaster strikes? How does one deal with a multi-generational workplace?

They belong together.

Books without conflict carry no story. Yet conflict doesn’t have to be repulsive. It is simply a reflection of the tug-of-war of life. Meripoint Books showcase the best that people can be while living real and compelling lives.

We relax in the warmth of golden sunlight as we read.

Our authors bring us words that are more than mere words. They evoke a time and place that we each interpret personally.


The shadows deepen…

As we eagerly move forward through our new-found world.

Then we realize that we have been given a glimpse of something special.

Whether it is the deeply personal story of a journey with illness, or a foray into the future of intelligent machines, our authors give us invaluable gifts that only their imaginations can conjure.

Where do our books begin?

At the beginning.


Where do our books go?

All over the place,.


And how do they end?

Where they began.